Mobilize Your Shop Floor & Empower Your Employees

It’s Time to Unleash the True Power of ERP with the Bezlio Platform

Efficiency and Productivity are the lungs of your shop floor’s success. You want to maximize the capacity of those two essential areas, but nothing you try gets you what you need. It’s time for a big sigh of relief, because the Bezlio platform is here to expand your efficiency and productivity like never before.

Bezlio’s secure, user-friendly platform places all the information in the palm of your employees’ hands whenever they need it.

This leads to:

Increased Employee Efficiency recolor

Increased Employee Efficiency

Strengthened Customer Relationships recolor

Strengthened Customer Relationships

Reduced operating costs recolor

Reduced Operating Costs

Precision Forecasting recolor

Precision Forecasting

How It Works

Step 1:

Connect Your Data

Install the Bezlio Remote Data Broker (BRDB) behind your corporate firewall. BRDB is a secure software that provides all the adapters needed to connect your data systems to the necessary users, either on premise or on the cloud.

Step 2:

Create Interfaces With the Admin Portal

Bring your data to life using the Bezlio admin portal. Creating interfaces that elevate your data is made effortless and painless. You can use anything from basic charts and grids to intricate applications using Bezlio’s beginner-friendly tools.

Step 3:

Deploy to Users Instantly Via the Bezlio App

It’s one thing having your data displayed beautifully and easy to understand, but it’s another thing getting that elegantly displayed data to your users. The data you’ve displayed can be instantly deployed to the users who need it to help mobilize your shop floor.

Your ERP Solution Done Your Way

The biggest benefit of Bezlio is that it slots seamlessly into your existing ERP, CRM, or eCommerce operations and it’s 100% customizable to your unique needs.

Drag & Drop

Use our pre-built drag and drop bezls to handle everything from labor entry to location transfer.

Customized by Experts

Use Bezlio’s in-house experts to craft a finely-tuned, custom solution.

What Are Bezls?

Bezls are drop-in mobile solutions for specific tasks. Like a Lego set, these Bezls can be connected, modified, and leveraged to create a custom mobile app for your ERP solution that best suits your business.

Our pre-built Bezls are engineered to support the functionality of your Epicor ERP or Infor Visual ERP system to elevate your manufacturing shop floor and field teams…


With Bezlio, Your Data’s Security Is at the Forefront

Your Data Is Yours & Yours Alone

Most cloud-based solutions leave your company’s sensitive data exposed to the internet. Bezlio’s AES256-level encryption and closed firewall ports ensure maximum security at all times. Nothing is stored in the cloud, so your data is never vulnerable.

Platform-image-how it works copy

Knowing your data is secure is only half the battle…

Bezlio integrates your data with your CRM, eCommerce, and other databases seamlessly

CRM, eCommerce & Database Integrations

With Bezlio, you never need to move or synchronize your data. Keep your data right where it already is and connect to it in real-time with any of our CRM, eCommerce, or database integrations.

CRM Integrations

eCommerce Integrations

Database Connections & Other Integrations

Bring the Future of ERP to Your Shop Floor

Leverage the power of our mobile solution for your ERP application to transform your manufacturing shop floor and non-office teams. Because it’s a layer-on, Bezlio makes use of your existing ERP implementation, saving you from costly and complex outside development.

Create Your Own Custom Mobile App

Your business has unique processes, workflows, and goals. Why not customize our cutting-edge mobile app for your ERP software to get precisely what you need? Use up to all three of the below processes to craft the ideal ERP mobile app for your business...

Pre-Built Bezls

These drop-in features cover everything from labor entry to location transfer.

Create Your Own

Our intuitive platform allows you to easily build custom functions.

In-House Experts

Work with Bezlio experts to craft custom functions that suit your business.