Grow Your Revenue with a Mobile Field Sales Solution


Just as with many field service-based roles, field sales is also a growing trend. It also faces the same challenges: lack of data to use in the field, no access to your ERP, limited ability to work with data during conversations, and the risk of losing important information that could translate into new revenue for your manufacturing or distribution business.

Bezlio is the first mobile field sales solution designed to resolve this problem quickly and easily. If you have a remote sales staff or independent sales representatives, Bezlio can help you improve sales execution by providing a number of mobile field sales benefits designed specifically for this critical wing of your sales operations. And because it’s a layer added onto your existing ERP, there’s no costly or complicated development required.



Support Your Mobile Field Sales Team with Bezlio

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Data-Based Tasks

Assign to-do lists and other tasks to your field sales reps so they know exactly what to do, when to do it, and why.


Capture Everything

Don’t miss out on another great opportunity — Bezlio helps field sales reps capture notes and other important details.



As an app, Bezlio works with virtually any mobile device, allowing reps to use their own phones in the field.


Analyze Accounts

View accounts by whether they have open quotes, by time-based sales comparisons, by geographic location, and more.


Useful Features

Bezlio helps reps work more efficiently thanks to voice-to-text, click-to-dial, click-to-navigate, and many other helpful features.


Work Your Own Way

Have a unique sales execution? No problem. You can easily build a custom sales process workflow in Bezlio to match your business.



Using a unique data transfer process, Bezlio allows sales information to be accessed and edited back into your ERP.


Offline Mode

Don’t let connectivity get in the way of a sale. Offline mode ensures sales reps can stay focused on selling without a connection.


Complete Secure

All data accessed and updated in Bezlio features AES256-level encryption at all times. Nothing is ever exposed.



Bring Your ERP into the Sales Process

Bezlio works as a layer-on with major mid-market ERP systems. Whether you’re using the most current version or even a legacy version, our mobile field sales app will be useful to your sales reps.



Finally Use Your CRM

While Epicor, Infor VISUAL, and Prophet 21 each come with their own CRM system, they lack mobile functionality that field sales teams need to do their jobs. They have notes to collect, information to update, orders to manage, and more — but without a mobile solution, they’re risking this important information being forgotten. With Bezlio, you don’t have to invest in a separate costly, time-consuming CRM build-out. Bezlio brings your CRM and ERP together in one simple, easy-to-use mobile solution.



Grow Your Sales with Bezlio

Bezlio was designed to help bring manufacturing and distribution sales into the mobile space to grow revenues, increase efficiency, and improve data quality. Put the power of our mobile field sales app to use today.