Increase Epicor Field Sales Revenue with Bezlio


Selling effectively requires access to prospect and customer data. It’s that simple. Every good sales representative understands that in order to be successful, you have to know your customer. This means knowing their past history, what they’re doing now, what their challenges are, and what the solution is. As a manufacturing and distribution company, that information is likely housed in your Epicor ERP.

And while Epicor provides some mobile solutions for accessing that data, you may find that you need additional support. That’s because sales isn’t a one-size fits all process. Your company may have a sales execution process that involves more or less steps than a competitor. You may need more information, perhaps for your own back-end reporting or for your suppliers. Whatever your need may be, off-the-shelf simply isn’t going to cut it.



Use Bezlio for a More Streamlined Epicor Field Sales Process

That’s why we created Bezlio — the first Epicor field sales app designed specifically for manufacturing and distribution companies. Bezlio connects field sales teams with the information they need in Epicor, right where they are — whenever they need it. And that integration as well as your sales execution can be customized to support how you work.


Increase Sales & Revenue

Are your sales reps missing the tools to focus on tasks that drive revenue?

Bezlio provides mobile tools to keep sales teams focused on revenue-driving tasks.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you have the right information while meeting with your customer?

Bezlio provides real-time access to Epicor CRM & ERP data on mobile devices for complete & accurate access to your customer data.


Improve Sales Management

Are you missing tools to keep your reps on task and on the same page?

Bezlio provides mobile tools to allow managers to assign tasks to reps to ensure they are working on the most important things to the bottom line.


Improve Data Capture

Is it too difficult for your reps to record details after a customer call?

Bezlio provides mobile tools to allow your team to easily and efficiently enter data that can be pushed back to your Epicor CRM & ERP.



How Bezlio Supports Epicor Field Sales


Get Real-Time Data Access

Epicor field sales reps need to be able to access critical customer data right when they need it — not only so they’re prepared for meetings, but also they can place orders, view past order history, check inventory levels, and more. But more importantly, so data is current in Epicor.


Put That CRM to Use

Epicor comes with a native CRM system, but without mobile and other business-specific functionality, Epicor field sales reps may not have been using it — creating confusion and leading to inaccurate enterprise data. Bezlio brings ERP and CRM data together in one place.


Complete Customization

Bezlio was made to be what Epicor field sales reps need to win opportunities, build relationships, and increase revenue. If your company has a unique sales execution, our simple drag-and-drop functionality can help you create it exactly as your field sales need.


All the Features Field Sales Needs

Bezlio works on virtually any mobile device, so sales reps can use their own devices in the field. With offline mode, teams can still have access to the data they need even when they don’t have a connection. Bezlio also uses device-native features like haptics, notifications, and alerts.



See Bezlio in Action

See how our Epicor field sales app can help your business increase revenue.