Need Time and Material Software
for Field Teams?

More and more manufacturers and distributors are starting to utilize field-based teams (i.e., non-desk workers). As trends and preferences shift, businesses — not just consumers — are opting toward being served where they are rather than going to a location or sending equipment in for service, both of which take more time and resources. The solution is simple: send common business functions such as installation, maintenance, service, and even engineering to the customer.

All of these functions present companies with great revenue-generating capability. But without a solution to track the amount of time spent on a project or job or the number of materials used, field teams will face a number of difficulties. First, no time and materials software means that field workers will have to record data elsewhere such as in an email, spreadsheet, or on paper — putting it at risk of being lost, destroyed, stolen, or forgotten.

Without a software solution, and particularly a mobile one, field teams won’t have access to enterprise data in your ERP. They won’t be able to easily view customer data, job requirements, material locations, orders and invoices, and other important items that would otherwise make their jobs easier. And for certain field teams, it’s simply a matter of recording data for future billing and costing purposes. Inefficient tracking of this data can lead to poor or inaccurate financial performance, customer service issues, and more.



Bezlio Solves the Time and Material Software Problem

Bezlio is the first time and materials software solution created specifically for field teams. Our app allows these non-desk workers to accurately account for their time and materials from wherever they are, right when they need to manage them. Our app works on virtually any mobile device, enabling a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy within your business. And above all, Bezlio lets field workers update data inside the ERP securely and with ease — whether you’re using an on-premise ERP or a cloud-based platform.



Field Team That Can Use Bezlio

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Field Engineering

Engineers handle important data in the field that must be saved in your ERP. Bezlio transfers that data from the field to your ERP seamlessly while capturing details that can be used for costing purposes. The app interface can also be customized to engineers’ data recording needs as well.


Field Installation

While tracking time and materials is important for installers, what also matters is that their time may be billable. With Bezlio, installers can track everything from job durations and materials used to additional expenses. Location data is saved, and workflows can be customized.


Field Service

Whatever the customer’s service request may be, Bezlio allows users to customize the entire service process. Manage how jobs come in, are assigned, and are tracked for time and materials to ensure field service remains efficient and profitable. And of course, save everything in your ERP.


Field Maintenance

Bezlio allows maintenance techs to view and pick open jobs, find the vehicles and resources they need in a warehouse, and manage the job details from start to finish — all while seamlessly updating customer data from the field into your ERP.



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