Improve Field Engineer Tracking Capabilities with Bezlio


Field engineering is a broad focus, but for manufacturers and distributors, it can cover anything from taking complex measurements for site surveys, equipment installations, and drilling to assessing equipment performance, troubleshooting customer issues, and more. In each of these efforts, being able to not only capture and record accurate data but also to safely secure it is critical. This is because that data helps to inform costs for future projects, quotes for field service, and other financial details that must be precise.

As more and more manufacturers and distributors increase the size of their field teams, the need to provide a field engineer tracking solution increases as well. The data that field engineers capture and use is stored in an ERP such as Epicor or Infor VISUAL. But because these platforms are often on-premise or cloud-based, field engineers can’t access or update enterprise data where they are: in the field.

This means field engineers are recording critical data in inefficient and insecure ways: on cumbersome laptops (that may not have an Internet connection), in spreadsheets that quickly become overbearing with multiple versions and save locations, or even on paper — where anything from a coffee spill to a strong breeze can make that important business data disappear forever. Clearly, a better field engineer tracking solution is needed.



Collect Better Labor Data with Bezlio

Bezlio is one of the first field engineer tracking solutions that also transforms the way manufacturing and distribution companies use their ERP data. More than ever, mobile data access is needed to help companies work more efficiently, better serve their customers, and realize both immediate and long-term business value. Bezlio can help you take advantage of a mobile solution and deliver more accurate and rapid business results.


How Bezlio Helps Your Field Engineers

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Real-Time Data

A unique data transfer process routes enterprise data from your ERP directly to users’ mobile devices.


Push Notifications

Alert field engineers of order changes, job updates, and virtually any other kind of notification they need.


GPS Location Data

Our field engineer tracking software allows dispatchers to stay apprised on field engineer locations.


Offline Mode

When field engineers aren’t in coverage, data is securely stored on their device then removed when in coverage.


Read+Write Access

Giving field engineers access to data isn’t enough. Bezlio allows them to write data back to your ERP.



Because Bezlio works with just about every mobile device, field engineers can use their own devices.


Complete Customization

Bezlio allows you to create any kind of workflow to match how your business and engineers work best.



Need more customization? Our low-code/no-code platform allows you to develop tools as needed.


Drag & Drop

Setting up access to your ERP is quick and simple thanks to drag-and-drop functionality.



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