Track Field Installation Technician Time and Materials

As more and more manufacturers and distributors offer support and service for their customers’ products and equipment, the need for field installation technicians also increases. These members of your field team are responsible for delivering, setting up, and configuring the equipment you sell or otherwise provide to your customers.

As with other field roles, it’s important to keep track of field installation technicians’ time, materials used, and expenses — whether for billing purposes or simply being able to perform cost and performance analysis later. The problem is that field installation technicians are often assigned jobs on paper, via email, or in some other inefficient system that they must take with them to the job site.

When they arrive, what happens if things have changed? What happens if a piece of equipment needs another part or two before becoming operational? What if the installation project takes longer than anticipated? While the field installation technician can obviously communicate changes back to HQ, how does that data get updated in your ERP? If any details are missed, or if the ball is dropped on the receiving end, what happens to the data, tasks, or orders that the field installation technician sent in?



Keep Track of Everything Field Installation Technicians Do or Need

Created specifically for field service employees like field installation technicians, Bezlio puts the power of your ERP in your users’ hands. For field installation technicians, this means not only being able to view important customer and job data but also being able to update it from wherever their work takes them. Using any mobile device, technicians can manage and update jobs, submit orders, update inventories, and more — and every action and piece of data is tracked and safely stored in your ERP.


How Bezlio Helps Your Field Installation Technicians

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Track Time Spent

Field installation technicians can update time on site, time to complete a job, and time spent traveling.


Track Materials Used

Whatever the job needs, field installation technicians can update what was used, select lots, and more.


Track Expenses

Bezlio tracks any expenses that field installation technicians may incur to ensure accurate billing.


Real-Time Data

A unique data transfer process routes enterprise data from your ERP directly to technicians’ devices.


Push Notifications

Alert installers of order changes, job updates, and virtually any other kind of notification they need.


GPS Location Data

Our field installation technician tracking allows dispatchers to stay apprised of where technicians are.


Offline Mode

When your installers aren’t in coverage, data is securely stored on their device then removed when in coverage.


Read+Write Access

Field installation technicians can easily write back to your ERP remotely — keeping everything up-to-date.


Complete Customization

Create virtually any workflow needed while allowing employees to use their own mobile devices.



Track Field Installation Technician Activities in Your ERP

Discover how Bezlio can improve field installation technician tracking for your business.