Track Field Service Maintenance Activities and More with Bezlio


Field service maintenance is an important part of every manufacturing and distribution organization’s field strategy. While field employees can plan for, install, update, troubleshoot, and sell a variety of equipment and products, ongoing maintenance is what sustains field team success — as well as the success of your customers — in the long-term.

That’s because field service maintenance involves more than just repairing or updating equipment — it’s about performing these services and others on an ongoing, repeated basis. This ensures customers maintain optimum equipment uptime, experience smooth inventory replenishment, are billed appropriately for services performed, and enjoy a better overall experience with your manufacturing or distribution company.

As with many field service employees, field service maintenance employees must rely on data housed in an ERP system such as Epicor, Prophet 21, or Infor VISUAL. These systems are flagship enterprise data systems that house everything from historical customer information to analytics that inform how you bill and evaluate internal costs. However, they often don’t allow secure and efficient access to that data outside the four walls.

Those that do come in the form of applications that don’t work exactly how your business works. That’s why we created Bezlio — the first field service maintenance app designed to work with these ERPs and support field employees wherever they are.



Bezlio Connects Field Service Maintenance with Enterprise Data

As an application layered on top of your existing ERP (whether a current version or even a legacy system), Bezlio uses a unique transfer process to route enterprise data from your ERP to your field service maintenance technicians’ devices. It’s completely secure, it’s fast, and it works on virtually any mobile device — allowing employees to use their own devices when working at a customer job site.


How Bezlio Helps Field Service Maintenance Teams

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Time Tracking

Allows easy, accurate tracking of job time, materials, and expenses for field service maintenance.


Account for Materials

Maintenance techs can easily track parts, orders, and more to ensure precise customer billing.


Manage Expenses

Seamlessly capture any expenses incurred by your field service maintenance techs on the job.


Real-Time Data

Field maintenance teams get instant access to the most up-to-date data housed in your ERP.


Push Notifications

Keep your field service maintenance techs informed on job status changes or new jobs.


GPS Location Data

Keep track of field maintenance teams and easily route your techs to the closest job site.


Offline Mode

When maintenance techs aren’t in coverage, data is securely stored and removed when in coverage.


Read+Write Access

Field service maintenance can easily write back to your ERP from wherever they are and on virtually any device.


Complete Customization

Drag-and-drop functionality allows easy workflow creation that matches how your business operates.



Take Field Service Maintenance to the Next Level

Put the power of your ERP in field service technicians hands. Contact us for a demo today.