Bezlio is an Infor VISUAL Mobile App for Field Teams


Along with Epicor and Prophet 21, Infor VISUAL is one of the largest mid-market ERP systems available for manufacturing and distribution companies today. As with all ERPs, the value and benefits of having a centralized location for virtually every aspect of enterprise data can’t be overstated. But where these systems fall short is in the one area where current trends and customer demands are creating pain points for Infor VISUAL users: mobile access.

Sure, there are platforms out there, but with the rapid growth of the various forms of field service, Infor VISUAL users need a solution now that will connect field teams with the data housed in their ERP. More importantly, field teams need a mobile solution for adding and updating mobile data while they’re actually in the field. Without such a solution, field teams must used outdated and inefficient processes such as spreadsheets, emails, and even writing notes and to-dos down on paper. Don’t leave important business data to chance. The time for an Infor VISUAL mobile app for time and materials tracking is now.



Track Time and Materials with Our Infor VISUAL Mobile App

Bezlio was made to solve these challenges for manufacturers and distributors. Our mobile solution works with your existing Infor VISUAL implementation — saving you from having to invest in costly outside development or hire additional team members. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize your mobile solution, however. We believe that your tools should match the way you work, which is why Bezlio allows for custom development.



How Our Infor VISUAL Mobile App Supports Your Teams

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Field Engineering

Engineers handle important data in the field that must be saved in Infor VISUAL. Bezlio transfers that data from the field to Infor VISUAL while capturing details that can be used for costing purposes. The app interface can also be customized to engineers’ data recording needs as well.


Field Installation

While tracking time and materials is important for installers, what also matters is that their time may be billable. With Bezlio, installers can track everything from job durations and materials used to additional expenses. Location data is saved, and workflows can be customized.


Field Service

Whatever the customer’s service request may be, Bezlio allows users to customize the entire service process. Manage how jobs come in, are assigned, and are tracked for time and materials to ensure field service remains efficient and profitable. Quickly save everything in Infor VISUAL.


Field Maintenance

For regularly scheduled field jobs, Bezlio allows field service maintenance techs to view and pick open jobs, find vehicles and resources they need in a warehouse, and manage the job details from start to finish — all while seamlessly updating customer data from the field into Infor VISUAL.



See Bezlio in Action

Learn how our Infor VISUAL mobile app connects field teams with enterprise data.