Improve Efficiency with Shop Floor Time and Materials Tracking


The growth of manufacturing and distribution doesn’t just happen with revenue from field service and field sales. Companies can increase overall efficiency and productivity by providing production shop floor time and materials tracking software to employees. By giving shop floor teams access to important business data, manufacturers and distributors can reduce the costs associated with production and increase overall margins.

It’s not just about increasing revenues and profits, though — it's also about understanding production shop floor performance. By monitoring progress in real-time, you can establish benchmarks as well as step in should production fall behind. And of course, you can analyze numerous aspects of shop floor performance over time to get a better understanding of where you’re winning and where you’re falling below the mark.



How It Works

With Bezlio, your users can have tablets at their work centers or use phones to easily track time and materials. Other options include terminals at work centers allowing users to scan a badge, scan a job, perform periodic quantity check-ins, and more.


Why It Works

Manufacturers and distributors are often reluctant to roll out shop floor time and materials tracking, thinking interfaces are too complex for users. With Bezlio, you can customize the interface and functionality to be as simple and useful as possible.



Benefits of Our Shop Floor Time & Materials App

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Capture Labor Data

Understand how shop floor teams work, where they’re winning, and where changes may be needed to maintain productivity.


Analyze Accurately

Efficient data capture enables accurate costing analysis so you can see where your production stands at a glimpse.


Monitor ROI Stats

View in real-time how your production team’s progress is affecting your overall financial performance and other stats.


Go Paperless

Get rid of all of the forms, job paperwork, inventory sheets, and other outdated documentation. Use our app to go paperless.


Everything in Hand

Our app allows production shop floor teams to view all of the information they need for the job at hand, keeping them informed.


Problem Identification

Bezlio includes easy-to-use tools that allow employees to notify supervisors should a situation or problem arise.


Custom Workflows

Shape the app to match how your production team works so it’s easy to use right from the very start.


Real-Time Inventory

Because Bezlio works in real-time, data entry is instant — helping to avoid lags that lead to errors.



Notify team members when they’re needed as opposed to having to track them down manually.


Offline Mode

Don’t let connectivity issues prevent teams from staying on track. Bezlio allows teams to keep working without a connection.



Bezlio works with virtually any mobile device, allowing production employees to use their own phones from wherever they’re at.



All data accessed and updated in Bezlio features advanced AES256-level encryption for maximum security at all times.


Bezlio Works with These ERPs

Bezlio integrates with major midmarket ERP systems — both current versions and legacy systems.



Bring the Future to the Shop Floor

Leverage the power of our mobile shop floor time and materials tracking app to transform the way your teams work. Because it’s a layer-on, Bezlio makes use of your existing ERP implementation — saving you from costly and complex outside development.