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 Bezlio "Built for" badge for Epicor Prophet 21. Bezlio allows P21 users to have mobile dashboards, predictive analytics, mobile apps and other visualizations on any device in real-time.

Epicor Prophet 21: Mobile ERP App, Mobile CRM, and Dashboards

Access your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP data in real-time, on any mobile device! Bezlio provides users of P21 with a mobile app that allows you to have dashboards, mobile CRM, ERP mobile apps, and data visualizations. Our platform provides real-time data access, push notifications, accessibility to cloud and on-premises data, read + write capabilities, all within a powerful no-code development platform! 

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P21 Mobile CRM App

Sales teams need real-time access to their customer account data in order to make fast decisions that drive new sales and customer satisfaction. We developed a CRM accounts screen for sales teams running Prophet 21 that provides access to:

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Account View
  • AR Aging
  • Invoice History + Drilldown
  • Order History + Drilldown
  • Top Parts
  • RMAs
  • Tasks


Why is Bezlio the Best For P21?



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