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Mobile, Real-Time Dashboards

Visualize your data and analytics from anywhere, on any device!

Combine your local ERP or CRM data and any cloud-based data into mobile-friendly dashboards and mash-ups available on any desktop or mobile device.

Illustration of a person on a computer monitor, which represents Bezlio webinars where our engineering team walks you through how to use Bezlio to display dashboards, mobilize any internal data, write back to your data sources and create beautiful data visualizations.

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In just 30 minutes you will learn how you can...

  • Generate dashboards accessible on your mobile device
  • Mobilize your current on-premises data, any ERP or CRM, without synchronizing data to the cloud
  • Read and also write back to your internal data sources
  • Create any imaginable visualization of your data
Illustration of a laptop with the Bezlio logo on the screen.

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Learn the ins and outs of Bezlio and how easy it is to implement at your company.


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