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Epicor ERP is an enterprise resource planning system developed by

You might not have thought deeply about it, but your

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Whether running a small or large manufacturing operation, you have

“Smart Manufacturing” is one of those terms where you can

Times are changing and everyone is talking about the digital

Today, enterprises are tapping apps and mobile technology to streamline

The use of smartphones and tablets in inventory management gained

We are surrounded by data. We track our daily screentime,

Real-time manufacturing data transforms production efficiency and improves scheduling accuracy

Capturing real-time manufacturing data using a mobile ERP app is

From big data analytics to mobile ERP systems integration, real-time

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Bring the Future of ERP to Your Shop Floor

Leverage the power of our mobile add-on for your ERP application to transform your manufacturing shop floor and non-office teams. Because it's a layer-on, Bezlio makes use of your existing ERP implementation, saving you from costly and complex outside development.