Jergens Inc.

Logo for Jergens Industrial Supply, who provided a testimonial for Bezlio. 

Kurt Schron -- Senior Business Analyst

"We have been using Bezlio since March 2017 and it is helping many different areas of the business. 

As a dashboarding tool it has many features. Our internal users like being able to get quick access to sales, inventory and any other data out of our ERP/CRM solutions. Changes that they want to see can be made quickly and in house which saves time and money.

In addition to a dashboarding tool, the two-way ability to write data back to our SQL database is a game changer. It allows our sales reps and other remote user to be on their iPhones/iPads and update our ERP solution in real-time. It has changed how we are able to track tasks and monitor inventory levels.

Bezlio is a great product that is becoming integral as our users are using it as a part of their daily workflow process."