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Salesforce Integration with ERP

a real-time SAlesforce integration tool to Combine your on-premises ERP with Salesforce to display context-aware customer data


Bezlio provides the most powerful and economic way to integrate real-time ERP and on-premises data with Salesforce.  Utilize Bezlio as a front-end for both sources of data, or utilize Bezlio as the integration tool that brings your database and Salesforce together!


Salesforce ERP Integration Tool

 Illustration of how Bezlio works as a salesforce ERP integration tool. Bezlio works to pull your ERP data and displays the data in an embedded section of your Salesforce screen.

Bezlio provides the most economical way to integrate your on-premises data from an ERP or back-end database, and display it right inside of the native Salesforce interface.

Using Bezlio in this manner, Salesforce becomes your front-end with embedded Bezlio windows. Within each integrated Bezlio window, you can see "contextually aware", real-time, two-way data from any other data source without leaving Salesforce and without having to sync anything to the cloud or open any port in your firewall!


ERP Dashboards & Salesforce

 Illustration of how Bezlio works as a Salesforce integration tool to bring together an ERP and Salesforce.  Data from both the on-premises ERP and the cloud-based Salesforce are brought together and intgrated in the Bezlio web portal.

Bezlio is uniquely qualified to integrate Salesforce data with any ERP, database, or external data source. Even Salesforce to Salesforce integrations! Bezlio can connect on-premises data with cloud data, all without syncing or exposing your private data to the Internet.

Bezlio can combine data from Salesforce and your on-premises applications into one complete view of information: dashboards, KPIs, and interactive applications, all viewed within the Bezlio portal web interface.

Available Integrations with Salesforce



How Bezlio Works With Salesforce

 Diagram of how you can use Bezlio to perform Salesforce integration with an ERP, another CRM or any on-premises data source.

Bezlio uses an innovative method of real-time data integration with Salesforce and any other data source to ensure that you keep your data right where it is! Bring all of your data sources together into one complete interface. 

Salesforce API

Bezlio uses the native Salesforce APIs to connect to your data. Since Bezlio can read from multiple data sources, you can even integrate multiple Salesforce instances and view the data as one complete set!


Integrating with On-Premises Data Sources

Many Companies use Bezlio as a Salesforce integration tool with their ERP system most often residing behind the corporate firewall. To accomplish this, you would install a small application inside your firewall called BRDB (Bezlio Remote Data Broker).

BRDB gets configured to manage queries linked to Salesforce and your ERP or database. This application will also act as the security manager of the data by verifying the credentials of the users who are requesting data and writing back to it.


View Integrated Data on the Web and Mobile

Once your data sources and users are securely linked, Bezlio’s web apps can mash-up the cloud data from your Salesforce account with your on-premises ERP or internal data sources. By utilizing the built-in apps and templates or building their own, users can develop dashboards and interactive screens that provide a complete view of their data.


The Advantages of Bezlio

 Image of a badge that represents Bezlio's ability to work in real time with data from Salesforce and another other data source.

Real Time Data

The vast majority of other data integrations with Salesforce require you to upload and sync your data to the cloud. Synchronizing data to the cloud means you now have out-of-date information that also needs to be secured as tightly as on your on-premises data sources. Bezlio removes these concerns with it’s ability to read from all of your sources in real-time while eliminating the need to duplicate or synchronize your data.

 Badge that represents Bezlio's ability to read on-premises data, in real time, on any mobile device without having to open a firewall port.

No Open Firewall Ports

Most solutions currently out there allow you to utilize your data with the sacrifice of open ports in your firewall allowing access to that data. Bezlio’s ability to read on-premises data without opening holes in your firewall ensures that your data stays secure and private.

 Badge to represent Bezlio's ability to encrypt all ral time data traffice between Salesforce and an ERP, CRM, or another on-premises data source with AES256 level encryption to protect privacy.

AES-256 Level Encryption

We encrypt your data at the highest level from the source, to the end user, and back.



The Results You Can Expect

By combining the CRM data from Salesforce with your in-depth ERP production data related directly to your customer, your teams can have access to all of the data they need to maximize revenue opportunities and solidify customer relationships.

 Kaufman Container logo - Provided a testimonial for using Bezlio successfully.

"The Bezlio platform has become a true game changer for Kaufman Container. "

Larry Keilin
IT Manager
Kaufman Container



So...What's the Next Step?

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