Unlock Intelligent Shop Floor Control

Drive operational efficiencies & process through-put with an intelligent shop floor control system. Gain real-time insights to more accurately forecast, track, and optimize your manufacturing processes.

See Our Shop Floor Control System in Action

See Our Shop Floor Control System In Action

People-Focused Shop Floor Control

Especially for small to mid-size or discrete manufacturers, there is still a significant human element to the production process. Because of that, we developed our shop floor control system to directly benefit the human element of production, leading more optimal processes, and a more efficient shop floor. 

Our mobile-based shop floor control system makes it simple to capture real-time shop floor data and rapidly deploy process improvements. Increase the efficiency of your workforce and reduce training & labor costs with Bezlio today.

Fully Integrate Your ERP & Shop Floor

Gone are the days of using stale data to forecast & cost your production processes. Incorporate the freshest shop floor data from connected mobile devices with enterprise business data from your ERP to more accurately understand your financials. 

With this more accurate data, leverage our bi-directional integration to better inform shop floor operations to decrease costs, and increase productivity.

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Say Bye To Manual Data Entry

Bezlio eliminates the headache of manually entering time card and material issues data. It's user-friendly interface allow employees to enter their own time, in real-time.

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Your ERP, But Better

You may already have access to data and dashboards, but with Bezlio, you can now take it to the next level and use the data to conduct transactions and execute updates, greatly improving productivity.

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No Code Implementation

Go the custom route or grow with our pre-built templates. Bezlio offers source code that can be copied to custom functions and screens. Deploy information in a way that non-technical users can leverage.

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Cross-Team Functional Support

Bezlio's CRM allows your sales, marketing, customer service, and manufacturing teams to be on the same page when supporting your customers.

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Your Data, Secured

We know that data security is a top concern for you and your customers. That's why we offer an AES256-level encryption that ensures maximum security at all times.

Custom AND Templated Modules

The platform allows users to create Apps & dashboards using on-premises data, or cloud data like Tableau, Google Analytics and more.

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Built For Your Company's Operating Needs

Bezlio allows you to customize the user experience quickly and easily through drag & drop, interactive widgets, and conditional actions.

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Bezlio can be used across any and all device-types. Choose from Windows, Mac, SaaS, Android, iPhone, iPad, or On-Premise deployment. OR all of the above.

Everything You Need To Run Your Shop Floor

Why Bezlio

Our customers love how easy Bezlio is to use

Steve Bednar
Executive Vice President
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I have to be honest, I love it. It is so clean and easy to view. I think we can completely change our

Kurt Schron
Senior Business Analyst
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...the two-way ability to write data back to our SQL database is a game changer. It allows our sales reps and other remote

Brian Johnson
IT Manager
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Bezlio has proven to be a valuable asset for our company and continues to get better every day.

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