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Write Back to Your Data Sources Inside of Tableau


Bezlio provides the most powerful way to embed and write back to any source databases and on-premises applications from within Tableau.  Any custom SQL can be embedded and executed to write-back and update.

The embedded Bezlio web objects can be context-aware of the data and information that you display inside of Tableau.

All of the read + write transactions are handled in real-time, integrated with any data source directly! 


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 Illustration of how Bezlio can communicate with Tableau and how it can write back to your original data sources.

Write Back to Your Data Sources

Bezlio provides a powerful way for Tableau users to write-back data to their database and underlying data sources in real-time.

By embedding Bezlio into your Tableau interface, you can easily turn Tableau into an actionable dashboard, allowing you to act quickly on data by writing back to source systems.

 Illustration of a web browser tab with seven different blocks which represent Bezlio's ability to be embedded into Tableau to provide write back capabilities to source databases.

Context-Aware & Read Write

Once Bezlio is embedded as a web object in Tableau, it can use URL actions and parameters to display context-aware, real-time data from an ERP, CRM, or another database.

Bezlio’s powerful application development platform makes it easy for you to build an interface that allows you to act on data and write transactions back to your database.

 Illustration of a hand holding a stop watch, which represents Bezlio's ability to connect in real-time to any data source, in the cloud or on-premesis. This can be embedded into Tableau and provide real-time write back capabilities.

Real-Time Data From Any Sources

Bezlio’s ability to read and write to on-premises and cloud data sources in real-time, without synchronizing data, means you can embed critical data visualizations and web applications right inside of Tableau.

These applications can display data in real-time and write back to the data sources through SQL and other application plugins.


 Diagram of how you can use Bezlio to integrate Salesforce with an ERP, another CRM or any on-premises data source. Bezlio's ability to write SQL in Tableau means that you can write back and update key data from the Tableau interface.

How Bezlio Works With Tableau

Bezlio uses an innovative method of real-time data integration with Tableau and any other data source to allow you to act on the trends and analysis that Tableau provides. 

By embedding Bezlio into the Tableau interface using web objects, passing in key parameters and executing based on Tableau's URL actions, you can write SQL in Tableau, pushing data back to your source databases. 



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