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Technology Solutions

Move data In Real-Time, display it beautifully, and Then share it globally!


Industry Dashboards and Reporting

 Illustration of a desktop monitor and two mobile devices with a pie chart on them, representing Bezlio's ability to display dashboards and analytics for any mobile device.

Dashboards & Mobile Analytics

 Illustration of a TV screen with a bar and line graph on it, representing Bezlio's ability to display team TV dashboards for offices.

TV Displays and Team Dashboards

 Illustration of a mobile phone with a document and chart on it, representing Bezlio's ability to display Crystal Reports on any mobile device. 

Mobile Crystal Reports Viewer

 Illustration of a database and Tableau, representing Bezlio's ability to be embedded into Tableau and add write-back capabilities to Tableau.

Write Back to Data Sources in Tableau



Machine Learning & Augmented Reality for Industry

 Illustration of a connected network of nodes, which represent Bezlio's ability to do predictive analytics and machine learning based on data from your ERP.

Machine Learning For Any ERP 

 Illustration of a triangle and a dashed triangle that is mirrored. This represents Bezlio's ability to do virtual reality using real-time data from any on-premises data source.

Augmented Reality For Manufacturing



Mobile Apps and Integrations for ERP

 Illustration of how Bezlio connects any ERP and Salesforce to provide easy Salesforce + ERP integration in real-time.

ERP and Salesforce Integration

 Illustration of a web browser and cursor, which represents Bezlio's ability to create a mobile app for any ERP or CRM.

Real-Time Mobile Apps for Any ERP or CRM

 Illustration of a phone with a line through it, representing Bezlio's capabilities of being a self-service portal platform for customers and vendors.

Self-Service Portals  Customers / Suppliers

 Illustration of how Bezlio integrates with Amazon and your ERP to import and update orders, inventory, and shipments.

Amazon and ERP Integration