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Customer Use Cases

How are people like you using Bezlio?  What problems can Bezlio address and solve in your organization?


Kaufman Container

Jergens Industrial Supply



Other Use Cases

 A picture of an orange target with an arrow pointing at the middle - symbolizing Bezlio use case for mobile sales teams who are on the road and need immediate access to company data

Remote Sales Teams

Your mobile sales teams can be on the road and have immediate access to customer data and product inventory from their small mobile devices.

 Icon of a line through a phone, symbolizing the ability to develop self-service portals using Bezlio for customers, vendors and suppliers to view live data without compromising your security

Self-Service Portals

Suppliers and Vendors

Provide your vendors and suppliers with self-service portals for viewing inventory and checking order status.


Provide your customers with a self-service portal to view their order history, order status, open invoices, etc, directly from your current business applications.

 An icon of a dashboard symbolizing Bezlio's ability to quickly provide dashboards and analytics for executives and department managers

Traditional Executive Analytics and Dashboards

Build and deploy traditional analytics & dashboards for executives and all management teams.

 An icon of three interlocking gears which symbolizes Bezlio's ability to create custom, complex product configurators that can be accessed by customers in the cloud using secured data behind your firewall

Build Complex Product Configurators

Add complex product configurators, based on live ERP data and product set-ups, right into your website.  Or, provide streamlined configurators to your sales and customer support teams.

 An icon of a television which symbolizes Bezlio's ability to create custom dashboards for department TV screens that quickly publish and share data with team members in your office

Dashboards on Department TV Screens

Quickly publish and display content, such as sales analytics and company performance metrics, on a centralized TV screen in your office.

 An icon of a sale sticker which symbolizes Bezlio's ability to push out sale, discounts, and clearance product data to your customers within seconds

Communications with Customers

Provide a simple way to quickly publish your sales, discounts, and clearance products to customers and buyers.

 An icon of four interlocking puzzle pieces that symbolizes Bezlio's ability to combine and mash-up data from multiple sources in multiple networks 

Multi-Site & Multi-Application Mash-ups

Bezlio's unique structure makes it simple to combine data from multiple sources into one comprehensive view and screen.  Build reports and analytics that blend various sources, or build applications that combine data.