Customer & Supply Chain Portals For On-Premise Data

Provide order history, tracking, shipments, inventory look-up, order entry, and more.

Bezlio’s ability to connect securely to on-premise data sources without opening firewall ports, means that you can publish data directly from your ERP, CRM, MRP, or other on-premise business application so that customers have the ability to do self service. 


Illustration of a hand holding a magnifying glass that is looking at open orders, inventory, invoices, shipping, and tracking numbers from an on-premise ERP or data system using a self service portal in Bezlio.

Provide Customer Self Service

Self service portals give your customers the ability to access relevant information in real-time, saving you valuable time and organizational resources as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

Bezlio allows you to easily connect to your on-premise data sources and publish this data in real-time to your customers and clients.

Open Orders

Allow customers to see a list of their open orders and drill down to details.

Order History

Allow customers to search and view their previous order information.

Order Tracking

Allow customers to look-up tracking numbers based on their order number.



Allow customers to look up shipment records.

Parts / Inventory

Allow customers to look-up general & customer-specific parts and inventory.


Search by order number and share invoice details.


Illustration of someone holding an iPad or tablet, accessing a variety of on-premise data secured behind a firewall, including: documents, databases, cloud data, ERP, CRM, calendars, etc.

Connect to On-Premise Data

Don’t worry about synchronizing data, opening firewall ports, or sharing old data. Bezlio allows you to securely share data from your on-premise ERP, CRM, MRP, SCM, or any other application that lives within your network, all in real-time. 


Illustration of Bezlio's ability to only display the data that you want to show to customers in a self service portal.

Only Share the Data They Need

Share only the data that you want your customers or suppliers to see. Bezlio’s granular ability to share specific pieces of data means that you have full control over the data that your customers or suppliers can see.


Illustration depicting a user who clicks a button on a Bezlio self service portal that has write-back functionality built in, allowing your customers to have an even deeper level of self-service, saving time and resources.

Let Them Engage & Act on Data

Ready to have your customers and suppliers engage with your data? Bezlio’s write-back capabilities mean that you can build small applications and actionable dashboards that allow your users to react to the information they see.



Order Entry

Allow customers to place real time orders into your system.