Field Sales Mobile App

Mobilize Your Current CRM & ERP Software On Any Device


Bezlio is an app that you can install onto any iOS or Android mobile device that gives your mobile sales teams mobile access to your ERP and CRM data.

Connect to any existing CRM system and provide mobile access to all of the data that mobile field sales teams need.

Bezlio no-code/low-code mobile app platform displayed on a mobile phone. The screenshot of the mobile sales software dashboard shows company account details, sales performance metrics, and buttons to drill-down to see AR aging, invoices, orders and more on a mobile device.


Mobile Sales Software Features

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Mobile CRM Dashboard

Customer overview with sales metrics, quick contact shortcuts, mapping, and links to key information.

Icon of the letter i surrounded by a circle that represents the field sales mobile app functionality that lets you look-up account information about a customer.

Account Information

Quick access to customer account information, payment terms, shipping preferences and more.

Icon of a bar chart that represents Bezlio's mobile CRM and account view functionality to drill into a customer's AR aging records from any mobile device.

AR Aging

Real-time access to your customer’s current AR aging totals, broken out by time.

Icon of a paperclip which represent's our accounts view functionality to provide mobile access to customer file attachments using Bezlio, a no-code mobile development platform.


Central location for files and attachments related to your customers. Eliminate out-of-date documentation.

A dollar sign icon which represents the mobile CRM accounts view functionality in Bezlio that gives sales teams the ability to view customer invoice details from any mobile device.


View customer's invoices and drill down to see payment status, details, and line items including part #, quantity and pricing.

A shopping cart icon which represents the ability for mobile sales teams with BYOD (bring your own device) to share customer order history from an on-premise data source securely, using the Bezlio no-code development platform.


Real-time access to your customer's order records with drill-down to see line items, pricing, quantity shipped and more.

An icon of a fastener, which represents the Bezlio accounts view functionality to display a list of top parts that a customer has purchased, giving exceptional insight to sales reps on the road who can research things from their mobile device.

Top Parts

Give your sales team immediate access to the top parts your customer has purchased and the revenue it generated.

Icons of a list and checkmark which represents the Bezlio task functionality for mobile sales teams who can track specific tasks per customer based on data from an on-premise CRM or other data source.


Make sure nothing is missed by assigning customer tasks for specific members of your sales team.

An icon of a desktop and phone with the words "new" on the screen which represents an feature of Bezlio as a no-code mobile development platform to create your own functionality as needed.

Your Functionality Here

Use our no-code development platform to link to any of your data and build whatever functionality that you need.



A Mobile Sales App With Unlimited Flexibility

Bezlio allows you to easily extend and customize your mobile experience with any data and additional features relevant to you and your business.

Bezlio’s no-code/low-code mobile development features allow you to connect to any data source and display that data in any way you can imagine.



Powerful Features to Drive New Sales

A badge that explains that Bezlio provides a native app for any device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or office TV screen.

Mobile App for All Devices

Untether your sales team and get them on the road by giving them access to your CRM and any customer data you want to share, right from their own mobile device.

A badge that displays a lightning bolt which represents Bezlio's ability to display data in real-time, no matter if the data source is an on-premise system or a cloud application.

Real-time Access to your data

Bezlio provides real-time data access to any on-premise or cloud system, ensuring that your field sales teams are armed with everything they need to close the sale. 

A badge with arrows pointing opposite ways, which represents Bezlio's ability as a no-code mobile development platform to transfer data both ways...providing both read and write capabilities.

View any Data & Save Data Back

Bezlio’s ability to communicate both ways with your data means that your team can immediately react to your customer's needs before your competitors can.

A badge that displays a brush and palette that represents Bezlio's ability to be easily customized. As a no-code mobile development platform, Bezlio can be customized to display whatever data is needed by mobile sales teams.

Easy to Customize And Fit Your Needs

React quickly to your sales team’s needs by customizing your view utilizing our no-code platform.  Changes  can be pushed to your team instantly. 

Badge with an icon displaying a single bar of cellular connectivity, which represents Bezlio's ability to work in offline mode if there is no internet access.

With or without Internet Access

Bezlio can provide off-line access, allowing your sales team to access your data, no matter if they have cellular access, wi-fi, or no internet access at all.

Badge that has an icon with a mobile phone and a notification alert which represents Bezlio's ability to do push notifications to users that alert sales teams of new events, exceptions, changes or other critical information.

Notifications To Alert and Communicate

Alert your sales team to important customer events, exceptions, changes, or critical trends through mobile push notifications. 



Connect to Anything

Connect information from all of your best-of-breed applications into one concise dashboard for your sales team. Bring together data from any source and publish it right into the hands of your mobile users.

An image of many logos that represent on-premise and cloud applications that bezlio can communicate with as a no-code development platform.


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