Why You Should Use Bezlio as Your Mobile Application Development Platform

Your Business Data Should Be Where Your Business Is

All businesses generate and gather data in one form or another, from information about customers’ orders and service requests to field employee production and performance details. However, not all businesses are actually using that data. Even worse, many are still using paper-based processes for capturing business data — leading to missed opportunities, inefficient processes, and overall underperformance.

More than ever, companies with non-desk workers need to be putting their enterprise data where it’s truly needed. And that’s in those employees’ hands — whatever they need, wherever they are, and whenever they need it. Bezlio is a mobile application development platform that can help businesses across multiple industries do exactly that (and more).

Bezlio no-code/low-code mobile app platform displayed on a mobile phone. The screenshot of the mobile sales software dashboard shows company account details, sales performance metrics, and buttons to drill-down to see AR aging, invoices, orders and more on a mobile device.

Discover Why Building Apps is Better with Bezlio

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Mobile Application Development
That’s Easier Than Ever

Icon of 4 rectangles together that represents the dashboard view of Bezlio's mobile sales software accounts view screen, built on top of our no-code development platform.

Low-Code/No-Code Development

You don’t need to have extensive coding experience or hire an in-house application development team to build and support your enterprise mobile app. Our mobile application development platform provides simple drag-and-drop functionality with support for any level of custom coding to create the perfect app for your business, saving you significant time and resources in the process.



Multiple apps for different operating systems and device types are cumbersome, costly, and counterproductive. Bezlio helps you build mobile apps that work on any OS and virtually any supported device — streamlining app updates, simplifying support and maintenance, and even supporting BYOD (bring your own device) so you can save even more on enterprise mobility. OS-specific apps also retain their native features, workflows, and haptics.


Secure Integrations

Bezlio integrates with more than 20 industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, eCommerce platforms, and other databases. Whatever the integration, all data is routed without storing it on users’ devices, features AES256-level encryption, and can be managed at the granular level by your system administrators. At all times, only authorized users can view your data, and only the data they have permission to retrieve and modify.


Rapid Development

Not only can our mobile application development platform help you create the right app for your non-desk workers’ needs, but it can also help you build it faster than ever. Integrations with major enterprise platforms are also available, allowing you to set up and configure the right connections with your data as needed and deploy the app in as little as one day. Additional support is available as needed to help you build the ideal application.