Your ERP Data in a Mobile Dashboard

No more ad hoc queries or static reports.  Empower your sales teams and other remote employees with mobile access to your ERP data.  It’s  easy to implement, customize, and deploy.


  • Real-Time Data Access

  • On-Premise or Cloud Data

  • View and Write Capabilities

  • Native Mobile App for All Devices

  • Customize with Drag & Drop Tools

  • Push Notifications for Alerts


Mock-up of Bezlio mobile app on an iPhone, displaying functionality that allows data from an on-premise ERP or CRM to be displayed securely on any device as a dashboard with both read and write access.

Serving Clients in a Variety of Industries


Clear Up Your Reporting To-Do List

With Self-Service Dashboards and Reports

Screenshot of the Bezlio admin portal where IT administrators can build self-service dashboards for mobile devices based on real-time data from an ERP or CRM.

Build it once and let your users get the reports and data they need.

Bezlio’s easy low-code development features provides the ability to connect to any on-premise ERP or cloud data source and create reports or visualizations that your users can access in real-time data on any mobile device.



The Controls You Need & Flexibility You Want

Illustration of two hands holding a paper that says, "low code", which represents Bezlio's position as a low-code development platform for mobile dashboards and other applications.

Low-Code Development

Bezlio allows you to easily extend and customize your mobile dashboard experience with any data and additional features relevant to you and your business.

Our no-to-low-code features let you utilize existing queries and web standards to build anything you can imagine.

Illustration of a hand holding a mobile device, which represents Bezlio's ability to give IT administrators the ability to serve enterprise data from on-premise or cloud systems to personal mobile devices. Bezlio's central management structure is perfect for BYOD implementations.

BYOD Mobile Security

Struggling to keep control of enterprise data on employee devices? BYOD is made simple by centrally controlling who can connect to your data source and what data they are allowed to see.

All data is viewed in real-time and no data is stored on a local device, making it easy to lock-down data access.



A Leap Above Traditional Dashboards

Illustrated badge that has images of four different devices which represents Bezlio's ability to have an app for any device.

Mobile App for All Devices

No matter what device they bring to work, give them access to a native mobile app that provides secure access to on-premise and cloud data.

Illustrated badge of a lightning bolt that represents Bezlio's ability to access on-premises or cloud data in real-time.

Real-time Access To Your Data

Bezlio provides real-time data access to any on-premise or cloud system, ensuring that your users are have remote access to the latest data and dashboards. 

Illustrated badge that has two arrows pointing opposite directions which represents Bezlio's ability to read and write back to data source.

View Any Data & Write Data Back

Bezlio’s ability to communicate both ways with your data means that your team can use actionable dashboards to react to data and write back to data sources.

Illustrated badge of designer tools that illustrate Bezlio's ability to be easily customized with no-code and low-code tools.

Easy to Customize and Fit Your Needs

React quickly to your user’s needs by customizing their view. Utilizing our no-code platform, your changes can be pushed out instantly.

Badge with illustration of a mobile device with an alert displayed which represents Bezlio's ability to have mobile push notifications that can be triggered by users or by data changes and exceptions.

Notifications to Alert and Communicate

Alert your users to important events, exceptions, changes, or critical trends in the data through mobile push notifications.

Badge with illustrations of a database and a cloud which represent on-premise data sources and cloud data sources, all of which can be accessed in real-time by Bezlio.

Ready for On-Premise and Cloud Data

Reports and dashboards based on any data source, no matter where the data lives. Mash data together for unique insights not possible before.