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Intelligence at Every Level

How can Bezlio solve the problem of having data that is too broad, or too specific to make decisions from? Bezlio's flexible interface means that you can see the whole picture...intelligence at every level.

Overview in 4 Minutes

In 4 minutes, learn how Bezlio enables your mobile users to access your on-premise and cloud data from a customizable mobile app with real-time, secure access.


Bezlio Overview: Who, What & How

What Can Bezlio Do?

How Does Bezlio Work Under the Hood?


Let Us Show You Around the Interface

What Are Bezls and how do they work?


Displaying Your Data

What is the Bezlio Gallery?

Create your own data views with Bezl Builders


For Developers

Bezl Builders - Full Demo

The Custom Builder for Developers


Embedding and Sharing Bezls


Solution Overviews

Mobile Crystal Reports

Data Mash-Ups