Mobile Field Service & Sales for Infor VISUAL ERP

Bezlio allows you to access your Infor VISUAL ERP data in real-time, right from your live database, on any mobile device! Bezlio provides a robust app for delivering VISUAL data to your mobile teams: field service, installation, engineering, and sales.

Our app provides real-time, read/write access to your VISUAL ERP. Take advantage of mobile push notifications and offline mode with local device caching.

Bezlio "Built for" badge for Infor VISUAL ERP. Bezlio allows VISUAL ERP users to have mobile dashboards, mobile ERP apps and other access to VISUAL-based data on any device in real-time.


Use Case: Mobile Sales


Mobile CRM App for Infor VISUAL ERP

Often, sales and field teams need access to customer account data from anywhere they are working. We developed a CRM accounts screen for sales teams running VISUAL ERP/CRM that provides access to:

  • Customer Dashboard

  • Account View

  • AR Aging

  • Invoice History + Drill down

  • Order History + Drill down

  • Top Parts

  • RMAs

  • Tasks


Use Case: Mobile Field Workers


Field Service App for Infor VISUAL ERP

Field workers need to track time worked, equipment issues, parts inventory, etc. The process of submitting this information back to VISUAL ERP may require many steps. The time it takes, coupled with spotty mobile reception makes it extremely difficult for field workers to complete all the necessary steps, leaving companies without accurate information.

With Bezlio, remote workers are able to log in on their mobile device with or without internet connection. The one-screen process eliminates the complex multi-screen data entry process, ensuring all information is entered and all steps are completed.


Why is Bezlio the Best Mobile App For VISUAL?



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