Key Differences Between Epicor & Infor Visual & What Is Best For Your Business?

December 28, 2022 bezliobellis Comments Off

Epicor ERP is an enterprise resource planning system developed by the Epicor Software Corporation, an American company based in Austin, Texas, United States. Its products are primarily designed for Small and Midsize businesses particularly in manufacturing and distribution.

Infor VISUAL is equally an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution by Infor, a multinational company, headquartered in New York City, United States. Like Epicor, Infor VISUAL is also largely aimed at small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Both systems offer a range of features that are designed to support and improve various aspects of manufacturing operations. Here are a few key differences between Epicor and Infor Visual:

Key Differences Between Epicor & Infor Visual

Here, we’ll explore the key differences between Epicor and Infor Visual  by focusing on how these ERPs perform across  the broad categories of User Experience, Supported devices (Mobile friendliness),Integration support, Functionality, Pricing and Additional costs.

 User Experience

Epicor is easy to use, flexible, and customizable. Users can extract and enter data in any format while the support team is excellent. The software has been designed in a logical way that makes it easy to navigate and use. It also offers options to select between classic and modern styles of the UI. If you prefer the latter, you can choose from a tile-based design that resembles the modular nature of ERP.

Infor Visual is also great on user experience. What is even better, the company has been going the extra mile to ensure that their user experience appeals to the younger generation by focusing on updating the product’s interface. This modernization includes a refreshed web-like user interface that supports mobile devices.

While both offer a fairly good user experience, Infor is much easier to use. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the company has plenty of training options. It also has a number of online and classroom options. There is a user support group and annual user conferences to help users get the most out of the software.

Supported devices (Mobile friendliness)

Both Epicor and Infor Visual are mobile friendly with mobile-optimized visualizations, making them suitable for mobile devices. Both support Windows, Linux and Android.

It is important that any ERP you deploy be mobile friendly because this is where things are going. A good ERP should be accessible across devices, and especially the most common and popular ones including Windows, Android and Linux. 

If you would like your mobile workers to comfortably access and use your ERP from wherever they are, then the Bezlio app is the answer. Bezlio makes it possible for your teams  to enjoy real time access to your company’s ERP be it Epicor or Infor Visual. Your field workers need not wait until they go to the office where ERP data is traditionally locked. In modern manufacturing, data collection and use ought to be real time and not through paper-based systems like spreadsheets or slow integrations.

Integration support

What is the extent of integrations that each ERP can support, which one supports more, which supports less?

Infor Visual provides add-ons including applications to handle various needs as a manufacturer might find necessary. There are dedicated add-ons/applications to handle various needs of customer relations such as Salesforce, price quotes etc. Additionally, Infor has ongoing partnerships with a couple providers to facilitate integration with third party platforms.

Epicor on the other hand does not seem to have a rich offer when it comes to integrations. But still it provides a powerful offering in the form of an On-Demand Integration service. It uses this service to connect users to its partners where they are facilitated to perform integrations.


Both do an excellent job in offering high level capabilities that support a wide range of functions in a manufacturing company set up.

Epicor’s solutions are further broken down and arranged according to industries. For example under manufacturing, you can choose from a list that includes

Aerospace and Defense, Discrete Manufacturing, Make-to-Order Manufacturing, Electronics & High Tech, Industrial Machinery, Medical Services etc. Once you select your industry, you will find a suite of solutions that mirror the common needs of manufacturers in the same space, thus making it possible to quickly find a fitting solution.

Infor is equally powerful in terms of capabilities across different functions. It offers comprehensive, dedicated and tailored solutions that cover many categories for manufacturers. Like Epicor,  the solutions for manufacturing are also extensive, only that they are not as neatly categorized as is the case in Epicor. Common capabilities include Financials, Supply Chain, Product Lifecycle Management, Price Quote Configuration, Human Capital Management, Automation, and Workforce Management, Asset Management etc.


Epicor’s pricing starts at a monthly cost of $175 per user, but you can also get a quote for more features beyond the standard packages.

Infor Visual’s pricing model on the other hand is purely based on the quote approach, meaning you will have to contact the company,  present your needs and get an appropriate quote.

 Additional costs

Epicor charges additional costs for additional modules, updates and customizations since they are not included in the basic pricing. You will have to buy these separately.

Infor Visual on the other hand offers continuous improvements for your license at no additional cost. New modules and updates are available to users at no additional costs, plus you get access to experts to help with installation.

Which Is Best For Your Business Between Epicor & Infor Visual?

Epicor and Infor Visual are both exceptional in their offerings. But Infor Visual enjoys a slight edge over Epicor based on the above analysis. Its offerings are comprehensive, and the pricing model is reasonable in the long term thanks especially to the absence of additional costs.


As much as we have recommended Infor Visual as the best overall, please note that this is only according to a judgment based on the differences highlighted in this article. The actual best for you should be informed by your company’s unique needs. What is best for your competitor, for example, might not be necessarily the best for your company. 

Ultimately, the best choice for your business will depend on your specific needs and priorities. It is important to carefully consider the features and capabilities of both Epicor and Infor Visual, as well as any other ERP solutions you may be considering, before making a decision.


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