Where Does The Time Go? Or The Parts? Or The Sales Opportunities?

How to combine bezls to achieve more data-driven manufacturing operations

Do you have the Epicor ERP application for manufacturing? Do you find that it’s got a good handle on the whole “enterprise resource planning” thing…but that the data you need to drive your planning is often difficult to collect or, sometimes, MIA?

You’re not alone. We hear all the time from customers who turn to Bezlio because the Epicor mobile ERP app doesn’t allow them to quickly capture and access the information they need, when and how they need it.

These manufacturers demanded a more flexible solution, so their sales reps, shopfloor workers, inventory managers, and others can more conveniently track and pull data from wherever they are—on the road, by the rack, at their work station, whatever.

That’s exactly what we built with Bezlio. And we just made it even easier to apply these powerful tools with a new Epicor ERP Bezl store.

An App “Production Line” for Epicor ERP Users


The Epicor ERP Bezl Store allows you to “pick and pack” the bezls you need to optimize your operations.

Think about it. To maximize profits, you must win business, order materials, minimize labor costs and accurately track finished goods, among other things. It’s like an assembly line with a lot of moving parts and people, each with different responsibilities.

The problem is that Epicor is a hefty, monolithic application with a relatively thin mobile app. The lack of functionality in Epicor mobile leaves most manufacturers stuck using kiosks and PCs for many barcoding, data entry and other tasks, and those just don’t travel to the point-of-work very well.

This is where Bezlio comes in, to securely tap into your Epicor without putting your confidential data on the internet. Bezlio is the overall mobile platform. But unlike most ERP systems, Bezlio was specifically designed to be modular, based on discrete task management mini-apps we call bezls.

There’s a Bezl for That!

Different bezls help with different parts of the manufacturing process—and when you put them together, you have a “production line” for better revenues and lower costs. For example:

  •  The Mobile CRM bezl empowers sales teams to view and update client information on the go, so they get more done from the road and bring home more bacon.

  • The Production Labor Entry bezl makes it easy for workers to record their activities from the smartphone they probably carry in a pocket, not the kiosk across the room.

  • The Parts Tracker bezl puts inventory information, such as pricing and availability, literally at your fingertips for better management.

Of course, there are an array of other bezls. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the Epicor ERP Bezl store, contact us. We’re a bezl-building factory, and we can create, enhance or customize pretty much any solution you need.

Multiply Efficiencies

Like we said, bezls fit together like digital puzzle pieces. And similar to your products, the end result is more valuable than the sum of the parts. For instance:

  •  Track purchase order receipts in Bezlio and you instantly know more about the materials you’re receiving.

  •  Add the Location Transfer bezl and material handlers can seamlessly track their transfers within your four walls as items are relocated.

  • Augment that pair with the Issue Material bezl and all the raw materials information you already collected is automatically available to associate with specific work orders, so you can analyze total cost and hunt down that ever-elusive waste.

  • Pop on the Finished Goods Receipt bezl to close the circle and document your product inventory.

Combining bezls gives you soup to nuts—or in this case, raw materials to final product—visibility over your operations. Company leaders quickly find that Bezlio is the best app for manufacturing to help them give a Six Sigma black belt chop to inefficiencies and boost the bottom line.

The best part, you’re never on your own with Bezlio. We strive to make implementation simple and seamless, so you can get mobile right away.

Need more information? Check out our FAQs for some deep reading or better yet reach out! We’re always glad to hear from Epicor’s manufacturing users and can walk you through everything.

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