We are data surrounded by data. Here’s why manufacturing data needs to be accurate, real-time, and easy to access

November 18, 2022 bezliobellis 0 Comments

The use of modern technology attracts more data generation, which is a lucrative opportunity for the significant growth of the manufacturing sector. In today’s world, data has been a critical tool in the manufacturing and service provider industries. If I can say, data is today’s gold, and databases are the banks. Since data is essential, it needs to be accurate, real-time, and easy to access by authorized personnel.

It’s true that real-time and accurate data drives hop floor optimization! Gone are days when documents were preserved for decades and when data used to disappear. The use of mobile technology likes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provided by Bezlio helps automate manufacturing processes Bezlio has done it for us.

Importance of data accuracy and real-time availability

There is a myriad of benefits of accurate and real-time data collection to manufacturers. Thus, adopters of data-driven approaches in their manufacturing workflows can experience the benefits in the form of:

Better decision making

Output is dependent on the quality of input. When decision-makers are provided with accurate data, and the data is availed at the right time, the output of the process becomes nothing else other than robust decisions. The benefits of robust decisions include lowering investment risks, minimizing waste but are not limited to the overall production.

Employees working remotely or who have been sent overseas to market goods and services can collect data and record it in a mobile application. Upon saving, the data is distributed across all employees, and the authorized ones modify and make decisions.

High production

Data accuracy and availability go far beyond decision-making and have an impact on production. Nothing demotivates employees than errors resulting from inaccurate data and restrictions from accessing data. When employees are fed with the data they need, time spent fixing errors is used in other essential activities.

Since the most significant part of the manufacturing process is production, accurate data motivates employees in the production department, fostering a high production rate. Therefore, digital manufacturing depends on data accuracy and availability.

There are different software companies across the globe offering digital manufacturing technologies, but Bezlio is the best of all. Bezlio helps automate shop floor activities, inventory management, training of employees, and tracking of items in warehouses.

Lowers manufacturing costs

In the 21st century, data breaching has been the leading cause of business failure because companies are spending pretty much cash on data recovery. A company that hires or outsources taskforce to fix errors frequently suffers a high cost of survival, and bargaining for a more significant market share is directly related to lower production costs.

Comparing the cost of repairing data errors and machine malfunctioning, the former is a bit expensive. Having accurate data and availing it when necessary save financial resources and positively reflects the brand credibility.

High marketing strategies

The manufacturing process ends when the product reaches the consumer and feedback is given. Marketing and data accuracy are intertwined because misleading marketing interpretation is also shown when wrong information about the market is provided.

Well said, then what makes marketing data accurate? Using mobile technology to gather marketing information makes it possible to reach the intended party at the right time. Bezlio’s mobile Apps are developed to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in data collection, marketing, and data analysis.


Interested in implementing a mobile development platform like Bezlio to help better manage your inventory and transactions? Contact us today and we can begin customizing a mobile ERP solution to address your business challenges or see our website’s Resources tab for case studies and blogs about our products and services.

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